The Team

Ann-Marie LeQuesne. Brief EncounterThe student cataloguing team (from the student-run Norman Rea Gallery): Lydia Miller, Martha Cattell, Mayssa Kachicho, Erika Janó, Rachel Kidd, Penelope Hines, Catherine Smyth, Jo Dungate, Jennifer Stanley, Abbie Thomas and Alex Gorford.

Photographers: Paul Shields (University Photographer) and Mayssa Kachicho.

Support from:

  • Brian Cantor, University of York Vice Chancellor until 2013, sponsor of the project.
  • Sara Bailey, of the Registrar and Secretary’s office, who provided critical help, knowledge, information and contacts.
  • College provosts and administrative staff, who provided access to artworks.
  • University of York Information Directorate staff: Stephen Town, Ian Hall and Karen Smith, who published the printed catalogue; and the Digital York team, Julie Allinson and Matthew Herring, who did copyright clearance work, and produced the website.