About the Collection

This project to document and publish the University’s art collection came into being following a conversation, at a college lunch, between a group of students and the University’s then Vice Chancellor, Brian Cantor. The students, from the University’s Norman Rea Gallery, spent over a year revisiting and updating existing inventories of the art collection. Their work forms the basis of this website, and a printed catalogue, to be published in 2015.Frances Selegman. Raymond Burton.

Please note that this is also an ongoing project and does not currently document the entire collection (though it does contain the majority of it). New artworks are being added periodically, as we are able to photograph and fully catalogue them. We are also continuing to work on improving the information currently available. If you are aware of any errors or gaps in our information, we would be delighted if you got in touch with us.

We have sought permission wherever possible from the artists and copyright holders to display images of the two-dimensional artworks. Where we were not able to locate the artist/copyright holder after a diligent search, we took the decision to display the work. If you own the copyright of an artwork in the collection and have not granted permission, please contact us. Some artworks we were able to trace the rights holders for, but not obtain permission, for a variety of reasons, so these works are not illustrated.

Terms of Use

Images and text in this database are provided on a read-only basis. Where an image is accompanied by a statement of copyright, you do not have the right to make your own copy of the image in any format. If you wish to re-use the image, you will need to contact the rights-holder directly.